Green glass: Our First Choice for Farmhouse Beer

Just as we give thought and attention to the barrels that house our saison’s maturation, we also give consideration to the vessel in which our beer may spend even more years once bottled. Here is why we choose 750-ml green glass bottles for our saison:

The beer ages better

A larger 750-ml format promotes the graceful development of our saison in bottle. The larger the bottle, the lower the volume of oxygen that ingresses and stales our beer over time. All of our beers have spent the better part of a year conditioning in bottle before they become available for sale. These beers will continue to age for years when stored upright, at a consistent, cool temperature (0-16 C), away from sunlight.

The bottles are shareable

Our beers are made to be enjoyed in the company of friends and family, with food. We feel the 750-ml bottle is shareable and belongs at the table, next to the wine to enjoy with others in laughter and in stillness.

They complement our flavour profile

It's true. Brown glass bottles and aluminum cans provide protection from UV light, preventing a reaction with hop compounds that can create a “skunkiness” in beer. But when it comes to farmhouse beers, we embrace a set of flavours that may not seem appropriate for IPAs or lagers. Notes of bloomy rind cheese, hay and barnyard funk are rustic notes we seek in our farmhouse beers. We don’t recommend sitting bottles of our beer in a sunny window, as these flavours can be pushed too far if the beer is improperly handled, but a brush of light-struck notes in a farmhouse beer can add complexity and depth.

While we will offer our beer on draught, and in other formats in the future, our first choice for farmhouse beers is in a large green bottle to share around the table.