• Aging Beer in Barrel: Your Questions Answered

    The wall of barrels as you enter our cellar-taproom generates a number of questions. Here are the most frequently asked questions and what it takes to blend our saison at Barrel Heart.
  • A Glassware Guide for Greatest Joy

    We encourage you to experiment with glassware and find the vessel that brings you the greatest joy. In this post, we share our preferred vessels for our aged saison. 
  • Green glass: Our First Choice for Farmhouse Beer

    While we offer our beer on draught, and plan to offer other formats in the future, this post explains why we prefer to use 750-ml bottles and green glass to house our saison.
  • Drawn from Oak and Cast Upon Fruit

    Our saison starts its journey in oak, then onto whole, local fruit and into steel before being blended and bottled. In this post, we share the inspiration and process behind Blackcurrants for Bells.
  • The Art of Saison: An Expression of Love & Oak

    In this post, we share the guidelines by which we ferry our saison from brewhouse, through the barrel cellar and, with thought and conscious blending, into bottle for you to enjoy.