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draught saison

Acres of the Mind / Aged Wit
7.0% / $8
Barrel-aged wit beer, spiced with sweet orange, coriander seed, and chamomile flowers. Aged for 3 years.

Oubliette of Staves II Aged Saison
6.8% / $8

A blend of barrel-fermented and aged saison in oak for 20 months. Soft oak, classic Brettanomyces. 

Oubliette of Staves III Aged Saison 
6.8% / $8

A blend of barrel-fermented and aged saison in oak for 20 months. High minerality with notes of lime zest and pepper.

Washed Away by Sea II Aged Gose
5.9% / $8

A blend of barrel-fermented and spontaneously fermented beers spiced with sea salt and Indian coriander seed. Notes of citrus and apricot with a cleansing saltwater finish.

A Farmhouse Near III Bière de Coupage
6.4% / $8

A blend of aged and fresh saison transferred onto Nelson Sauvin hops. Notes of lemon oil, white grape, delicate vanilla-oak and a cleansing hop-flavour finish.

Dance Upon Plums Aged Gose on Golden Plums
6.4% / $9
A blend of barrels on golden plums, sea salt and coriander seed. Bright notes of stone fruit and lemon with a cleansing saltwater finish. 

Two Songs to the Vineyard Aged Saison on White Wine Grapes
6.2% / $9
A blend of barrels on aromatic white Viognier and Gewurztraminer grapes. Notes of lychee and stone fruit with a hint of rustic, earthy cellar character. 

Each Apricot Made Gold 2023 Aged Saison on Apricots
6.5% / $9
A blend of barrels on whole, local apricots. Pungent apricot aroma, with underlying notes of almond, marzipan, and Amaretto. 

Cherries Aged Like Grace 2022 Aged Saison on Montmorency Cherries
6.3% / $9

Aged saison refermented on Montmorency sour cherries. Soft vanilla, aged spice, with the perfumed nose of fresh-picked cherries.

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